march 10, 2013

i'm looking for any information,detailed pictures ect.on building a hog roaster.i have a 250 gal.fuel oil tank.i'm looking into using charcoal not.
  250 Gallon Oil Barrel Hog Roaster
Plans for a cooker, or know a good place to find them? i've ran across an empty 275 gallon oil drum, and i'd like to make a whole hog cooker.
My dad made this cooker and it works pretty ding danged good. charcoal fired with gas backup. we have cooked several pigs in it from 160lbs.
Sep 6, 2009 all you will need is an old 55 gallon or 205 liter oil drum and a few and sausages, this is a frame that will need to support a 250 pound pig.  
  I know people are cautions of giving out how to information on this project, but i have a 250- 275 gallon clean oil drum i want to turn into a grill.


Sep 11, 2008 i am planning to build a pig roaster using an oil tank (250 gallons), thats how far i had been, what should i do to support the pig, in the barrel?

Posted: sun jan 22 12 10:35 pm post subject: 250 gal fuel oil tank rf - it continues. my thought was to build a rf pig roaster along the lines of the pic below. know of many steel drum pig cookers that have been around for a long time here.


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